2 Entrepreneurs in a cloud

2 Entrepreneurs in a cloud

“Everything happens for a reason”.

Many people have their own opinions on this statement, whether for or against. Meeting my business partner Kappy Prasad and building a cloud hosting solutions business has been one of the best learning curves and most personally rewarding experiences… And we’ve only just began the journey.

In my own personal experience I do believe everything happens for a reason.  Kappy and I met at a mutual friend’s birthday in Sydney, beginning of 2014.

We had an initial 20 minute conversation in a loud, noisy club where I was nodding and smiling politely as I couldn’t really hear exactly what Kappy was saying.  However, the bits that I did grasp wowed me.  Kappy had already built and established a small start-up business, whilst  working for Google.  Having worked previously for Apple myself, I have always had an increased fascination of the culture, values, and work ethics that are found in MNCs around the world – especially Google, IBM, and Cisco.  Within the 20 minutes of our first conversation, I felt that we had a mutual connection and common love for business.

The next day I added him on Facebook and we spoke for a good couple of hours, discussing each other’s backgrounds, experiences, aspirations.  Our conversation went backwards and forwards and the discussion felt like connected like a well-oiled machine.

I told Kappy about some of my entrepreneurial ideas and one struck him immediately… “We need to grab lunch!”. I had a health and fitness app concept.  As much as I loved  the idea, I couldn’t find the right formula to make it perfect.  Ten minutes preliminarily debriefing to Kappy, he said he fell off his chair at work because he thought it was amazing; he had the missing bolt to complete the idea.

We went out for a bite to eat. Thinking it would be a 1-2 hour lunch, just as mates having a chat and a good laugh. By 6:00pm we were still there discussing anything and everything about ourselves, our stories, our love of motorcycles, our frustration of full time work, and working for others.  My favourite part was hashing out ideas and finally formulating the health and fitness app that I had been brewing over for nearly 2 years now.

Throughout the lunch I thought to myself… wow! It would be great to work with Kappy – he is smart, experienced, and connected, and he knew how to turn ideas into reality. I wanted to be a part of his business no question! I knew it was something that I could really be passionate about, help to drive and build. So how do I subconsciously ask him to consider me to be his business partner?  Well funnily enough he felt the same way about me. He said to me “you’re so young, only 23, but you’re so hungry and driven about what you want to do in life. How? and where you get that from? I wish I had that at your age”.  I said “Not sure where I’ve got it from, watching my father build a business which won entrepreneur of the year 2010, get a PHD and whilst raising me by kicking me in the behind (I was lazy at the time and didn’t really know what I wanted in my life like many teens at that age).  My father wanted to make sure I didn’t make the same mistakes in my life like he did. By following and watching his journey unfold, I learnt quite a lot indirectly and I’m grateful for what I have become now and will be in the future.“

Coming back to Kappy and me….. Well he popped the question!

“Join me with iNode Cloud?”

The people you meet and the things you encounter in life happen for a reason.  The good lead to amazing opportunities or happiness; and the not so good allow you to learn and grow; they help you become stronger for the new challenges that will come in your journey.

From one quick introduction and a conversation in where body language was the most useful tool, we are now “2 Entrepreneurs in a cloud”.


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