3 cPanel Hosting Features for Australian eCommerce Sites

3 cPanel Hosting Features for Australian eCommerce Sites

eCommerce ownership has its own set of challenges. While the field of eCommerce is still relatively new, the growing number of people who rely on online shopping makes it an essential part of modern business. Many proprietors have great ideas and wonderful products they’d like to sell, but the thing is that it can be difficult to set it up online. 

Running a website looks like a daunting task, and it involves concepts that may be challenging to grasp. Many stray away from properly setting up an eCommerce site due to the fears of coding or programming that they think are part of the process. However, there are so many new apps and features in today’s world that make online processes a breeze. 

cPanel Hosting in Australia

Australia is a booming location for small businesses, and many people globally have set their sights to living a life here. One option many young people take when it comes to work is to invest in a business. The entrepreneurial practice is a popular profession that is responsible for how many have succeeded in the past few years. Various entrepreneurs have a mind chock-full of ideas, and this makes for a great eCommerce entry. 

Due to the rise in online use, cPanel on Amazon AWS is one of the most popular services available in Australia today. Amazon, an online retail giant, is now expanding its reach in technology as part of its global project. AWS cPanel hosting can assist smaller eCommerce companies that operate in localised areas through cloud-computing. 

Why the AWS cPanel Hosting Infrastructure Is a Must-Have

Those starting eCommerce sites today are blessed with the opportunity to use easy-to-use software products to create their websites. Old-school website design and development was complicated and had to be studied tediously to get it right. Many services today offer a practically drag-and-drop method for design and provide more secure data servers you can use to store your website. AWS cPanel hosting does these things well, and here are three things they can offer to eCommerce sites:

1. Shopping Cart Optimisation

The shopping cart is where many businesses make mistakes. A general rule of thumb is that shopping carts have to have the fewest steps possible to make a sale. More steps that are needed to purchase an item means that people will have more time to think twice about their decision. Additionally, the cart has to be safe and secure, and Amazon’s AWS service has exceptionally secure data centres to store confidential information. 

People like to feel secure in their purchases when checking out on a website, as the incidence of fraud and scamming are at large in today’s online world. cPanel on Amazon AWS undoubtedly offers the best optimisation and security for shoppers on your site. 

2. Customer Support Management

Amazon’s AWS service allows users to set up an efficient system that can offer flawless customer service and aftersale support. The mailing tool can create easy tickets for clients to contact your company so that things do not get lost in the void. Setting up several email accounts is easy and can filter out spam messages and create better communication channels with clients. 

3. Statistics Are Largely Trackable

Using the log system allows the cPanel service to track any statistics and analytics. These are easily accessible to see organic traffic, bounce rates and other strengths and weaknesses. In any business, data allows the company to note their best practices and areas to improve. With a system that automatically tracks website data statistics, you’ll have an easier time managing your eCommerce business. It will also be the basis of your future strategies. 


Modern-day website management and development is much easier than it used to be, as many companies work to create products digestible by the everyday technology user. Without the need to learn heavy coding, cPanel on Amazon AWS can be the key to your business’s success thanks to all the tools and services it offers. 

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