Greener Hosting With iNode

Greener Hosting With iNode
In the world of hosting, “Green Hosting” seems to have a variety of definitions that sometimes include using renewable energy sources but in general means being more environmentally friendly.

iNode Cloud servers are hosted at the Equinix datacenter in Sydney which has been designed by green in mind.

Here are three reasons iNode Cloud hosting equates to Greener Hosting:

1. Less physical space = smaller data centers = less industrial building. Because of the higher densities of cloud server models, the overall data center structure can be smaller, requiring less land space taken up and less building materials to be used in construction.

2. Fewer physical servers. Allocating a physical server for every project need obviously requires quite a few resources to be consumed during the manufacturing process of the hardware. Some of these materials are recyclable, but not all, and even then just because something is recyclable doesn’t mean it’s ideal to consume those resources in the first place. iNode Cloud servers greatly reduces the need for hardware production, as multiple projects can exist on a single cloud server.

3. Lower power use. Data centers use a lot of power. I’ve read criticism of data centers by environmentalists – and that’s justified to an extent – especially with older data centers that haven’t been updated and are less efficient. iNode Cloud servers consume only a small portion of the power that a physical dedicated hosting server requires. Utilization of our cloud server hosting is a much more efficient model for power consumption, whether utility provided or renewable.

More information can be found at the Equinix Website

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