AWS Managed Support

We build, deploy & manage your infrastructure so your team can focus on your product.

DevOps is one of the most highly leveraged ways to help engineering teams be successful. When done right, it is a great enabler. Infrastructure built properly makes everyone happier: Developers, Ops, Frontend, Backend, Designers, Product, Managers. Everyone is happier because everything moves faster.

Pro-active alert & incident response

iNode Cloud utilizes the latest monitoring solutions (New Relic, VictorOps, Datadog, Status io) to ensure your AWS environment is always available and performing at a high level.

Cost Savings & Optimization

We analyze your AWS configuration regularly, looking for ways to save you money and improve performance as your needs change.

Migration to AWS

Migrating to AWS is a critical first step for success with AWS. Our team of certified solutions architects ensure all the migration tasks associated with infrastructure and applications are best suited for your business requirements.


Documentation is a lost art with many managed providers and is usually forgotten or never done, we ensure we have documentations from how the high level AWS design to troubleshooting documentations all accessible to you.


Consider us an extension to your architects and developers. We’ll hop into a Slack room with you and chat in real time.


AWS Infrastructure as code, Application CI/CD – We have experience in identifying current CI/CD methods and providing easy seamless Automation methods.

Certified Engineers

Stay available and secure with access to rockstar AWS cloud engineers.

Managed Security

Our automated security system will take care of OS and firmware security patching, our engineers keep a lookout for emerging threats & we regularly review IAM access and SSH access.

“We believe in a common sense and low future maintenance approach. This results in a light-touch tech stack with lower maintenance down the road where everyone wins”

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