Machine Learning Development & Support

We embed customized machine learning models into your products and services

With an established team data scientists and software engineers. We seamlessly integrate machine learning technologies to make your product and smarter.

Image Recognition

Detect and identify objects in images – Eg. facial recognition, optical character recognition, satellite imagery analysis, image classification

Natural Language Understanding

Extract useful information from your unstructured text data – uncover custom name entities, intents, relations in your free-form text

Text Classification

Classify and summarize your text documents at scale – Eg. sentiment analysis, user-generated content moderation

Predictive Analytics

Discover insights and patterns in your data and make useful predictions – Eg. customer churn prediction, fraud detection, lead scoring

Clustering & Segmentation

Use clustering techniques to build recommendation engines, identify cross-sell opportunities as well as detect outliers and anomalies in your data


Optimize your resources, reduce costs and improve efficiency using machine learning techniques

“We believe in a common sense and low future maintenance approach. This results in a light-touch tech stack with lower maintenance down the road where everyone wins”

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