What is Testing as a service (TAAS)?

Testing as a Service (TaaS) is an outsourcing model in which testing activities associated with some of an organization’s business activities are performed by a service provider rather than employees.

TaaS may involve engaging consultants to help and advise employees or simply outsourcing an area of testing to a service provider. Usually, a company will still do some testing in-house. TaaS is most suitable for specialized testing efforts that don’t require a lot of in-depth knowledge of the design or the system. Services that are well-suited for the TaaS model include automated regression testing, performance testing, security testing, testing of majorERP (enterprise resource planning) software, and monitoring/testing of cloud-based applications.


Benefits of TaaS

  • Leverages standardized and highly efficient test methodologies addressing security, reliability and manageability while catering to continuous cost pressures, higher transparency, certainty of outcomes and service level compliance.
  • TaaS is a sure-shot way to reduce cost and infrastructure spend while offering assurance of purpose readiness.
  • Enables organizations to set up much larger test labs which were previously unimaginable.
  • Tests like performance / load testing can be done as close as possible to real life (as if the system were up and running) – multiple locations, multiple languages, over different time zones run dynamically having a large number of parameters.
  • Our solutions are dynamical priced allowing customers to dynamically use and dynamically pay


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