The Easiest Way to Migrate Your Website

The Easiest Way to Migrate Your Website

When you ask most people how do you transfer or migrate your site over the common answer is “oh i use Filezilla and download to my local drive then upload to the new directory”.

This is not really the easiest way to migrate but a two step process of downloading the uploading, what if you had to transfer lets say a 200Gb site over. This was the case with our partner Mindarc who is a Digital Agency that looks after some high profile Ecommerce Websites and their client A Learning Place who is hosted on our cloud.

Me being lazy and looking for the easiest way to do something i suggest using this command line to do a DIRECT Site to Site transfer just from terminal from Mac or Linux or use Putty if you are using Windows.

Open up a terminal and enter this:

scp -rp [email protected]:<DIRECTORY OF SOURCE> [email protected]:<DIRECTORY OF DESTINATION>

Now lets dissect and see what the heck this means.

SCP – Secure copy is a means of securely transferring computer files between a local host and a remote host or between two remote hosts

-r  parameter – known as recursive, sometimes we need to copy the directory of all the files inside.

-p parameter – Provides modification times, access times, and modes from original files

The first [email protected]:<DIRECTORY OF SOURCE> is the SSH connection username and where the originating files are located so for example it would be something like this:

[email protected]:/var/www/public_html/

The second section is where is the remote server where the files are going and which directory will it be placed under, for example:

[email protected]:/var/www/user/html/website/ 

So the complete command looks something like this.

scp -rp [email protected] siteuser@ 

It will then ask you for your password twice, the first time is your source password and the second your destination password press enter it should start transferring!



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