VPS Hosting: How to Accelerate Your Business on the Cloud

Though a relatively new player in the web hosting game, opting for VPS hosting can either make or break your website. Whether or not a virtual personal server suits your business will depend on the way by which your company functions and whether a server that boasts its own operating system, bandwidth, and disc space can help you achieve your business goals. In this guide, we’ll take you through the basics of VPS hosting and how it can benefit your website.

It boosts your website performance

Nobody enjoys browsing a slow-loading website. Shared hosting is a sensible first step for businesses that are just establishing their presence online. However, as web traffic increases and your conversions rise, you’ll want to keep up the good work with VPS hosting. With it, you can easily scale your server resources on an as-needed basis and guarantee excellent site performance every time.

It improves your overall security

As your site gains traction, there’s always the possibility of security threats. On a shared server, it’s significantly more difficult to implement a robust security system. With VPS hosting, protecting your site from other sites that exist on the same physical server is no problem. Because you’ll be privately hosted, you’re entitled to better security hardening protocols that are virtually impenetrable.

It comes at great value

Though VPS hosting may sometimes exceed your budget, the return on value is usually worth the upfront investment. Plus, you’ll only be paying for what you need at any given time.

When Should You Invest in VPS Hosting?

Beyond website hosting, a VPS can serve dozens of other purposes that can benefit your business that include:

Hosting a personal server

Depending on which industry you belong to, your website might demand online activities beyond a product page and blog. If you cater to gamers, for example, VPS hosting allows you to create your own gaming environment and host matches online. Various VPS options will cater to different features, so be sure to link up with the best CPanel cloud hosting service for your specific goals.

Testing new applications

Widgets and web applications make for a more enticing website, so having your own server environment to test their functionality is important. While a dedicated server may be too costly to warrant simple testing, a VPS hosting option won’t incur high monthly costs.

Additional file storage

Hiring individual cloud storage accounts is an expensive option for creating backup files. If the overall volume of the files you need stores isn’t too overwhelming, a VPS is the way to go.


If you’ve exceeded the services a shared provider can offer you but aren’t quite ready to invest in a dedicated server, VPS hosting makes for an excellent middleman. It helps improve your overall website performance, provide you with more storage, and deploy new projects after initial testing.

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