5 Reasons Why You Should Move Your Business to the Cloud

5 Reasons Why You Should Move Your Business to the Cloud

Many business transactions today happen online, and most people use their smartphones and the internet for most things. From purchasing groceries to inquiring about pricing models, customers today expect to have answers through the internet. For this reason, it benefits you to have information online about your business.

This is where cloud computing comes in. Moving your data to the cloud, or storing it virtually, allows you to set up greater flexibility for your company. With cloud computing, you can access your business anytime, anywhere. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider cloud computing for your business.

It can help you reduce IT costs

Moving to the cloud helps you become more cost-effective in terms of IT. Instead of buying hardware and servers, spending on maintenance, and spending on repairs, you can outsource all of that by hiring a cloud service provider.

With a provider, you get access to their hardware, software, and system upgrades. You also cut down on pay wages for staff, as a provider will have an administrator who will manage the system for you. Also, since you do not have hardware onsite, you will be able to reduce your energy consumption.

A managed cloud solution is scalable

Your business can scale up or down as rapidly as needed when you use a managed cloud solution. Instead of buying upgrades, you can rely on your provider to ramp up or down as needed. It is especially helpful during crucial months like the holiday season when websites see an influx of customers and interested browsers.

You can plan for smooth continuity

No matter how well prepared you are, you cannot predict the future. Sometimes, life throws your business a curveball like a flooding, extended power loss, or data hack.

If you get hit by a natural disaster, or if your business suffers data loss or breach, you need to be able to get back up and running quickly. A cloud solution allows you to protect your data and systems, ensure business as usual, and prevent confidential information from leaking to the public.

You facilitate better collaboration

In a cloud environment, your employees can communicate easily. They will be to share information and work on projects even if they are in different locations. Cloud computing allows you to more effectively control and monitor the amount of data that gets to your employees, contractors, and clients.

Furthermore, it allows you to be more flexible in your work. You can access data at home, during your commute, or weekends; all you need is an internet connection. Since a cloud environment is a virtual office, you will have all the information you need. You can access the last item you were working on as if it was in a folder on a physical desk at the office.

It allows access to updates

Automatic updates could be included in the package you get from your provider. They could regularly update your system with the latest versions of cloud computing software, upgrades to their servers, and higher processing power.


Transferring to a virtual office will help you streamline your processes at work. With a cloud computing solution, you enable better collaboration, secure your data, and set provisions for expanding your operations in the future.

It is now a necessity to have fast, responsive websites and more efficient ways of communicating within companies. We can help you with both at iNode—we work out of Sydney and provide SMEs and self-employed individuals with all-in cloud-based solutions. From server backups to 24/7 customer support, we have you covered. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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