5 ways to get your site penalized by Google

5 ways to get your site penalized by Google

Everything is fair in love and war but not in Search Engine Optimization. There are various ways to attract traffic to your website both ethically and unethically. Unethical way which is usually referred to as blackhat in the world of SEO might give you a good run in the short term but not in the long run.

Here are 5 way on how to get your site penalized by Google.

1. Cloaking
In this strategy SEO blackhat experts code their webpages in a way that crawlers see one version, and users see another. Imagine you searched for a phrase “Where to get a good burger” and the website you clicked on led to a page where you will find Chinese food content. Cloaking is generally achieved by creating a webpage which is full of keywords which are usually typed by users to search similar content, but when user click on that link, it will redirect them to another web page.

2. Doorway Pages
This strategy is generally followed by sending mails to users or advertising in websites with eye catchy content, so that users tend to click on that and that will be followed with many other pages which will ultimately leads to an unwanted landing page.

3. Link Farms
A Link Farm is a set of fake websites that include links to your website, for the purpose of cheating Google to get you better page rank. The idea is that Google can be fooled into thinking that your site is worthy of ranking higher in search results because a set of sites that link to one another also link to your site.

4. Article Spinning
Want to rank your site better and you have no new content. This comes to you as a blessing in disguise for you to rewrite and restructure your article to give a new perspective to the same content. While manual spinning could bring on better quality on the other hand auto spinning makes it faster by compromising quality.

5. Hidden Text
The best way to fool the search engine. Hide your text somewhere which is not visible to the end user but will be recognized by crawler as keywords. Blackhat SEO experts take advantage of this by putting keywords and key phrases in the comment sections. So next time don’t get surprised if you search something and didn’t find it in the webpage.

These are blackhat strategies we do not suggest. Whitehat strategy is more sustainable to a business and should be followed otherwise getting the penalty removed by Google is going to be expensive and harmful to your business.

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