6 Advantageous Features of cPanel Website Hosting

6 Advantageous Features of cPanel Website Hosting

Amazon cloud servers in Australia have some of the best functionality and security for business and eCommerce websites. With so many possibilities and features, Amazon’s AWS cPanel cloud hosting has several valuable benefits for your website. Everything in 2020 is shifting online, especially knowing how the pandemic is affecting the local business scene. 

If you know a bit about the cloud, you might understand how essential it is in modern times for things like work from home, online storage, and overall data safety and security. Investing in the best cPanel cloud hosting server will undoubtedly bring many positive changes to the way you run online domain management. Here are some of the advantages of cPanel hosting in Australia and what they can do for your company:

1. Increased Email Functionality

cPanel contains features that allow users to create email accounts with their website in mind. Each account can be set up to suit various needs, modify security features, and control each aspect of the management system when it comes to employees’ accounts. 

2. Efficient Site Maintenance and Upgrading

Through a file transfer protocol (FTP) software, sites can be upgraded and maintained without subjected them to downtimes. This lack of downtime allows you to make all kinds of changes without disrupting the browsing experience of customers. Managing domains, changing configuration files, allowing administrative services, and creating new elements to a page can all be possible with the FTP service. In eCommerce, downtimes typically mean a loss in revenue, so having a way to do maintenance and upgrades without shutting down the site keeps it consistent. 

3. Easier File Management

The file management system of cPanel was designed to make things easy, even for those who are new to the control panel. By introducing easy and hassle-free uploading and downloading of files to the server, moving files around the site are painless.

4. Quick Installation

Linux OS makes management of servers easy, as the straightforward protocol can allow the installation of servers and other configurations to be performed with ease. A few clicks here and there and it is all done, and the hosting company can also assist with these on their end, as they have visuals on all the actions done to servers. 

5. Upgraded Security from Threats

Security from DDoS attacks is increased with cPanel services, as the passwords and accounts linked to the control panel are easily modifiable. Additionally, blocking and unblocking IP addresses can allow users to disable or enable protection. The control panel allows you to set up multiple users, which can help in the overall security and management of the website.

6. Comprehensive Statistics and Logs

When running a site, owners will always want a detailed set of statistics or logs to be able to improve their site’s popularity and performance further. With cPanel, everything is logged and can show details like site visitor numbers, viewed pages, and other visitor statistics. Knowing these numbers and popularity ranks allows you to make modifications for better conversions and SEO rankings. 


AWS cPanel hosting can provide all of these benefits to website management, plus more. Thanks to Amazon’s work to create an easy-to-use cloud server hosting protocol, running a website with the best optimisation and other great tailor-fit features is possible. cPanel hosting in Australia is gaining traction and is the popular choice for business owners in 2020 to keep their websites in good shape. 

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