Amplify web apps with Azure

Amplify web apps with Azure

Web developers can benefit from powerful platforms that can handle machine learning and organize complicated infrastructures.  Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure is similar to the previously mentioned Google Container Engine except that Azure handles specific computing needs as compared to the cluster management or infrastructure platform provided by Google.  Azure is used to develop a wide variety of application types for tasks like machine learning, networking, and access management as well as the virtual machine services provided by other cloud containers.

The Azure marketplace features small and large scale applications that can be useful for any business let alone an internet based service that might be hosted at Inode Cloud.

WURFL Cloud Service

WURFL can differentiate between the type, resolution and model number of mobile visitors and provides a long list of services that can tell you about their supported services and file types.  WURFL is easy to use and returns Boolean, string and enumerable values that are then integrated into the code for your website.  A list of the capabilities can be found on the Scentia Mobile website.



Kentico is a popular and powerful content management system that was also developed using Azure.  It has ecommerce and marketing capabilities that include page building services that can help you create online stores with features like automated discounts and shipping calculations.  Behind the scenes are collaboration services and development platforms including an open API if you need to create custom services.

WURFL and Kentico are at either ends of the spectrum in both size and price but they are examples of the power and versatility of a platform like Azure.  Depending on your needs, you can employ the use of their recently updated recovery servers or all the computing power of Cortana to develop sturdy and powerful web applications for your online business.


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