The New Cloud Computing Ruling in Australia for 2020

The New Cloud Computing Ruling in Australia for 2020

Cloud computing is one of the greatest advancements in technology, and it may just ultimately be the way everyone conducts business in the near future. Cloud services have proven to be an extremely effective tool in the workplace. Some businesses no longer even use physical storage and other forms of hardware due to the wonders of cloud hosting.

Hosting services, like AWS cloud web hosting, has had a significant presence in the technology industry of the country. While the previous ruling by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) had only a handful of protected partners, 2020 is going to mark the start of change. 

The New Cloud Computing Guidelines of Australia

As part and parcel of the online world, cloud computing has always been viewed to have a certain degree of threats. This is why the Australian government only issued contracts for online operations to a handful of selected partners. As such, bigger and more popular agencies, such as Microsoft Australia and Amazon’s AWS, were given the ability to handle the government’s sensitive data. 

It was the Cloud Services Certification Programme that protected government data and kept the number of digital partners at a minimum. Earlier this year, this programme was removed by the ACSC as a move towards better homegrown efforts to bolster the tech industry of Australia. The government’s shift towards co-designing a system with local partners in the industry was meant to further develop the way cybersecurity is designed. 

Opening up the Cloud Hosting Market

Cloud hosting in Australia was normally only provided by a select few. Following the halt of the Cloud Services Certification Programme, modifications were made to the Certified Cloud Services List. With Australia being the home of many tech-minded individuals, the changes can pave the way for the creation of better cloud hosting services and other technologies to assist with building a greater society. 

The ultimate goal is to be able to tap into the full potential of cloud computing and produce a great range of secure and much more cost-effective solutions. Additionally, the government hopes that homegrown technology savants will be able to increase the security of Australia’s cyber networks. With the future being heavily based on cloud services, this is a step in the right direction. 

Although the market for cloud computing is opening up, this is not to say that it will go unregulated or unmonitored. The ACSC will continue to enhance what is called the Information Security Registered Assessors Programme (IRAP) to ensure the protection of important data. 

Proper Cloud Architecture Using Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) will be assisting newer agencies in conducting operations within the parameters of the new requirements. With proper documentation released to help plan and develop infrastructure for cloud hosting in Australia, the tech giant will be a big help. AWS has completed its third successful IRAP assessment in July of 2020, now with 92 protected services for Australia. 

With the tech giant spearheading the growth of cloud hosting in Australia, there will no doubt be significant improvements in the cyberspace infrastructure of the country. The Country Director for the AWS public sector in Australia and New Zealand, Iain Rouse, mentioned that the cessation of CSCP is going to be good for the country. By strengthening cloud functionality, spreading knowledge about it, and using Amazon’s resources to improve the infrastructure, Australia will see great growth in the years to come. 


The decision by the Australian government to bolster the cybersecurity sphere by allowing freedom for innovation in the cloud computing sphere is a great move. The future is moving towards a fully-online system with cloud computing being an integral part of it all. By opening up the market for cloud hosting in Australia, this contributes to better technological development both within the country and for the world. 

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