Top 5 SEO mistakes you may be making

Top 5 SEO mistakes you may be making

1. Choosing the wrong Keywords

Targeting the right keyword is the most important when it comes to SEO. Many people make the mistake of not choosing the right keyword for optimizing their website. A keyword should be descriptive of your website content and related to what a user might type in the search box when looking for the website.Choosing the wrong Keyword

Another common mistake many people do is that they assume their company’s name to be a keyword. This will be good for people who already know about your company and who are only looking to find you.

Choosing a proper keyword is essential but it may happen that you are not able to come up with a good keyword list. In such a case there are many keyword generation tools available which will help you find keywords that are good for your site.

2. Title Tag

Title tag is one of the first elements that a search engine spider sees on your HTML page. Ignoring the title tag can cost your dearly in terms of search engine rankings. Title tag is also a very convenient place to put the keyword that you have decided for your website.

Another mistake is to have the same title for different pages. Every page on your website should have a different title and relevant to the content on that page.

3. Internal Links

A website should not only have links to other site, but also to all the important pages within the site. All the internal pages within a website should be properly linked. Having internal links and a good link structure on the website makes the search engine spiders happy and also gives you an opportunity to use anchor text when linking to various pages on your site.

4. Missing Alt Attribute

The alt attribute should never be kept empty. The alt attribute is a good way to add a description to the Images, logos, videos etc and inform the Search Engine spider what the image or video is all about. The spiders cannot see a car image and interpret that the image is of a car, the alt attribute tag helps them understand what the image is about. Atl attributes should be descriptive and related to images.

5) Slow loading pages

Everybody loves speed and wants to visit a website that loads faster. It is quiet irritating to sit in from of a computer screen and wait for the website to load. Google has recently decided that page-loading speed will be included in its algorithm for its search engine. This means that websites that take longer to load will be penalized by getting a lower ranking. A slow loading website could result from bad HTML coding, lots of huge size images or due to a very louzy and slow hosting provider. At iNode Cloud we provide high performing cloud servers that will help improve your website loading time.

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