Will hosting affect my SEO?

Will hosting affect my SEO?

SEO in the last couple of years has risen to become a fascinating buzzword in the tech space. Many companies have adapted their marketing campaigns to now include SEO strategies. There are now companies that specifically consult businesses regarding SEO and digital marketing, helping them gain a competitive advantage.

Through my previous role, I’ve been lucky enough to attend courses on these topics, and apply them to my clients’ websites and businesses.

There are over 150 factors that affect the ranking of your website. After Google made significant changes to how their SEO works (Late 2013) it shook many online businesses and a lot of them dropped rankings because of this.

In regards to hosting there are 3 key components that can have significant affect on your SEO. Uptime/downtime, the speed and location:

Uptime/downtime – What we refer to as downtime means how long your website has been unreachable. Google crawlers will go through your website couple of times a day, meaning they will see if there have been any changes like added blogs, or updates. This means if your website is down the crawlers will not be able to access your website and it’ll reflect negatively on your ranking. To explain further, if your website isn’t working then it’s no good to anyone searching it.

Location – Google likes to display the most relevant content (content being another factor of SEO) closer to the location of the website .For example if you are searching restaurants in, most likely you’ll see websites from Australia come up before any other country, depending of course on relevancy. It makes sense right? If I’m searching restaurants in Liverpool I want to see results associated to Liverpool, Australia not Liverpool UK. Now for a business this means your website needs to be on servers located in the right place. iNode Cloud’s servers are located in Sydney and most of our clients are based around Australia.

Speed – The speed at which your website loads can have an affecting factor to your SEO. The faster your page loads the better for your customers as well. With speed however there are other factors like configurations and coding that can affect it, not just how fast your hosting company is.

So what can you do to stay ahead of the game?

Do your research on the right hosting provider, making sure that they are knowledgeable and SEO conscious. Uptime should be at least 99.5% or higher for your website. Test your website on various hosting providers for the best result. With Uptime and Speed, don’t forget that code and configuration can affect them both as well, not just hosting.  Make sure to ask where there servers are located. Many hosting companies don’t specifically state where they are hosted, unless you ask.





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